How the Pilates Reformer Could Help You to Get Your Health Back on Track

Posted on: 28 October 2019

If you've been suffering recently with back pain, limited movement, poor flexibility and general malaise, then you may be ready to make a significant change in your life. You might not been as mobile as you should, and this may have contributed to your issues and it is high time that you took some action, if you're going to improve your quality of life. Yet you will want to be careful and take some professional advice so that you can move forward slowly and do so without aggravation. In this case, you may want to consider Pilates and, specifically, the reformer version. What is this, and why could this be a game changer for you?

Strength and Flexibility

Pilates has been a revelation for many people and is certainly a different approach when it comes to strength and flexibility training. Most of the exercises focus on the coordination of body and mind and, traditionally, the movements would be performed on a simple mat.

Pilates Approach

During a typical exercise session, participants are encouraged to focus on several different areas. They will always need to maintain the correct breathing but must focus carefully on each individual motion so that it is performed with precision and a nice flow. This will all require great concentration, and the participant will be encouraged to 'centre' themselves, to try to get the best end result.

Reformer Assistance

You may find it advantageous to use a specific piece of equipment known as the reformer. This looks more like a traditional piece of exercise equipment, but it is designed to help people perform the exercises more easily. Essentially, it takes the form of a carriage fitted to a wooden frame, which is tempered by several springs, ropes and pulleys. This will enable the apparatus to be adjusted in order to create additional resistance or to make the action easier, depending on the participant.

Perfect for You?

You may find that you can get more out of each Pilates session by using this type of equipment. It could help to support your posture and help you to build your strength at the same time, which could be exactly what you're looking for.

Getting Underway

This type of equipment is felt to be so advantageous that it is often used by chiropractors to help individual patients. Talk with your chiropractor to see if they offer this solution, and it may help you get back on track with your health and fitness. To learn more about reformer Pilates, contact a company like Function PCP.


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