5 Signs Your Child Needs to See a Chiropractor

Posted on: 9 February 2018

Neuromuscular disorders can manifest in the form of reoccurring headaches, back pain, shoulder pain or even loss of strength in the arms. While these problems may be more prevalent among adults, they can also affect children even as young as infants. A chiropractor can determine the source of these aches and pains, and how to manage them. Here are five signs that your child may need chiropractic care:

Baby won't latch on

The delivery process is also very strenuous for the baby, and this can lead to misalignment of the atlas. You will find the baby prefers to turn his head on one way, thus making it difficult to latch on when it's feeding time. A paediatric chiropractor can re-align the atlas so the baby can latch on with ease.

Emotional and physical trauma

Children can experience emotional stress due to many reasons, including illness or bad parenting. An injury could occur after an accidental fall or other unfortunate incident like a car accident. These traumas can trigger tension in the musculature surrounding the spine and cause misalignment. If your child has suffered a recent fall, after taking them to their paediatrician, take them to a children's chiropractor to see if there is anything else they can do.

Bad posture

You may notice your child tends to sit with a rounded mid-back or stands with his shoulders hunched back. Bad posture is detrimental to the overall health of your child. Your child may develop a spinal curvature, and this would compromise the spine's ability to absorb shock and maintain balance. If your child is unable to sit or stand upright, seeing a chiropractor is a great idea.

Excessive spitting

Too much spitting by newborns could be a sign of a restricted diaphragm. This restriction happens when the meeting point between the spine and diaphragm becomes misaligned, thus leading to discomfort in the esophagus. A chiropractor can correct this issue by gently massaging the affected area.

Infantile Colic

If your child wails even after feeding and changing them and they are in perfectly good health, it could be a sign of colic. Research shows that chiropractic adjustments help to reduce instances of colic among infants. If you are wondering how to manage this inconsolable crying, a little spinal manipulation may be just what the baby needs.

A children's chiropractor could come in handy during those early years of your child's life.


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