Two reasons to go to a chiropractor to correct your poor posture

Posted on: 12 January 2018

If you have suffered from poor posture for many years, it might be time to correct it. Unfortunately, chronically-bad posture is not something that can be fixed without professional help, as years of abnormal spinal alignment often results in a person's muscles, tendons and ligaments being 'trained' to stay in unhealthy positions.

As such, if you have had poor posture for a long time, you will need to seek treatment from a chiropractor to correct it. Here are two reasons why it's important to do this.  

To improve your appearance

Poor posture can have a very negative impact on your appearance and the way in which other people perceive you. If for example, your shoulders and head always slump forward when you stand or sit, it can give others the impression that you are shy or unfriendly.

This could be highly problematic when you are in situations where you need to come across as a confident and affable person, such as, for instance, when you're on a date, or when you are being interviewed for a job.

This type of posture can also result in your abdominal area protruding forward. This can make you look far heavier than you actually are.

Undergoing chiropractic treatment could help you to correct your chronically-slumped posture, which could, in turn, eliminate all of the unpleasant aesthetic and social issues associated with this issue.

For this particular postural problem, your chiropractor may focus on releasing the tension in your shoulders and neck muscles, as this is often what creates the hunched appearance. To do this, they will probably employ a range of massage and stretching techniques.

To prevent lower back pain

Many people mistakenly believe that poor posture is primarily an aesthetic problem. The truth is that allowing your spinal column, muscles and tendons to stay in abnormal positions for long periods of time can eventually lead to chronic lower back pain.

The debilitating impact of lower back pain should not be underestimated; this type of physical problem can impact a person's ability to work, to exercise or even to perform basic chores around their home.

The reason that poor posture often eventually results in pain in the lower back is because it creates muscle imbalances (which can cause the muscles on one side of the back to become strained through overuse), compresses the spinal column (which can increase the risk of bulging discs and sciatica) and increases the amount of stress that is placed on the ligaments and joints.

As such, if you want to avoid this type of pain, it is absolutely vital to have a chiropractor, like one from Advanced Chiropractic Clinic, treat your posture issues before they create far more serious, long-term back problems.


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