Classic Signs Your Child Could Be Developing a Misaligned Spine

Posted on: 8 January 2018

As an adult, any spinal misalignment is often painfully obvious – quite literally. Even if they're not directly along the spine itself, the aches and pains you get with misalignment won't be ignored until you seek treatment.

In children, it can be a different matter entirely. Sometimes, the problems aren't severe enough to cause discomfort at first, and the pain doesn't start until adulthood. And children are happy toddling on, going about their day without complaint.

It's very important to try to counteract developing problems at an early stage, however. This helps ensure your children grow up to be healthier adults who won't need extensive spinal treatment. Look out for these signs your child might be developing a misaligned spine.


All children can be clumsy at times, but if they seem particularly uncoordinated, it could relate to the spine and the rest of the skeleton.

Excessive clumsiness in children could be a sign of a range of medical disorders, so it's important to look out for other symptoms that may provide further clues. If it's just clumsiness on its own, it's worth seeing a chiropractor to check how your child is developing.

Favouring one side of the body

Everyone favours one side slightly, which shows itself in the dominant hand and foot. Look out for signs that this is stronger than it should be, however.

Some children seem to constantly look one way more than they do the other and might tilt their heads to one particular side. You should also pay attention to see how they sit, stand, and which way they fall when they take a tumble.

Favouring one side over the other is a classic telltale sign of spinal misalignment, which can be fixed relatively easily if the work begins at a young age.


Any serious limp would have most parents rushing to a doctor. But subtle ones are hard to notice and take a particularly high level of attention to spot.

A child's limp might not be constant. It can come and go for no apparent reason, or it might only appear when they run. When you do notice it, though, it's likely that the problem originates in the spine.

Persistent, unexplained illness

If your child is often ill and the doctors aren't sure why, it could be related to spinal misalignment or subluxation, which can affect the nervous system and various other body parts.

Some of the more common complaints related to these issues are ear infections, throat problems, colds, and digestive problems.

For more information, contact a children's chiropractor


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