Three Essential Guidelines on Managing Neck Strain Injuries

Posted on: 20 December 2017

Neck pain resulting from strain injuries is common among people of all ages. In general, the strain occurs due to overstretching or general misuse of the muscles and skeletal structures in the neck area. Also, poor posture can contribute or accelerate neck strain and subsequent pain. While most aches resulting from strain are not unbearable, they can interfere with the ability to perform normal tasks and lower the quality of your life. Here are some simple guidelines to help minimise and manage neck strain injuries.

Stretch the Affected Area

The stiffness in the neck which causes pain can be relieved through some manipulation and stretching. Proper stretching will make the affected muscles and bones feel less strained and your comfort level will increase. Fortunately stretching of the neck area is not a complex process and you can do it anywhere. You can roll your shoulder backwards periodically, shift your head from shoulder to should and squeeze the shoulder blades together. In severe cases, you will need external manipulation of the strain injury. If this is your situation, you should consult an experienced chiropractor for treatment.

Improve Your Posture

If the aching from your neck strain has just developed recently, you might be able to reduce the impact of the pain by changing your habits. In simple terms, correcting some harmful posture problems can help you alleviate current discomfort and prevent the recurrence of the strain injury. Most people experience neck pain due to poor sitting positions when working. You should develop a habit of sitting up instead of slouching. Also, minimise the twisting of your head and tilting. For the best results, you should use an ergonomically-designed workstation for optimal performance. You should also think about taking multiple breaks when working to avoid repetitive strain injury.

Apply Hot and Cold Compresses

Finally, you should think about using hot and cold compresses on your neck. These can help you alleviate your discomfort if you are experiencing pain from minor strain. In general, a cold compress will reduce any inflammation in the site of injury and also numb the obvious pain improving comfort. Heated pads will increase the blood flow in the stained muscles, promoting faster healing. The warmth can also provide a considerable increase in comfort. You can also use OTC analgesics to manage the pain immediately after injury. However, you must be aware of the potential side effects and the consequences of long-term use.

If the pain from a simple neck strain persists, you should consult your chiropractor for examination and treatment. 


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